Welsh Government Student Finance Campaign


The Welsh Government has announced a new student finance package for students starting a first-time undergraduate course in 2018/19. It means you could be eligible for up to £11,250 per year through grants and loans, to help with your living costs.


Why has the Welsh Government offered this support?

The Welsh Government believes money shouldn’t be a barrier to going to university and that it should be an option for everyone, regardless of their household income. The new policy is designed to enable students to focus on their studies and spend less time worrying about making ends meet. By supporting living costs, it means students don’t have to work long hours to earn money alongside their studies to cover living expenses, freeing up time to concentrate on their studies.

Who is eligible?

All eligible first-time undergraduates who are starting a part or full-time course and are from Wales can apply, no matter where they plan to study in the UK.

How much can students get?

  • Those studying full-time as an undergraduate could be eligible for up to £11,250 a year, through a mixture of grants and loans towards living costs, if they live away from home and study in London, and up to £9,000 per year if they live away from home and study anywhere in the rest of the UK.
  • Those studying a full-time undergraduate course and living at home could be eligible for up to £7,650 a year.
  • Grants will be means-tested to support those who need them most – those from a lower income household will receive the highest grant.
  • Students can also take out a maintenance loan to top up what they get. The maximum loan amount will depend on how much grant they receive.
  • Students can also get up to £1,500 towards reducing their maintenance loan when they make the first loan repayment under the Welsh Government partial cancellation scheme.

What about tuition fees?

  • Students can apply for a separate loan to cover tuition fees. In Wales, tuition fees have been capped at £9,000 per year but in other parts of the UK they could be up to £9,250 per year for a full-time undergraduate course.
  • Student Finance Wales provides a loan to cover tuition fees, which will have to be repaid once the student starts earning over £25,000. Loans to cover tuition fees are not means-tested.

How to apply:

Applying for student finance is done directly through the Student Finance Wales website. Full-time students can apply for this support from early spring.

Where can I find out more?

For more details on student finance including information on repayments and extra support, visit: http://www.studentfinancewales.co.uk/

Also, follow Student Finance Wales on:

Twitter: @wg_education

Facebook: www.facebook.com/educationwales



Interested in studying in the US?


Does the idea of studying in the US at one of the world’s most prestigious universities appeal to you? If so, why not apply to one of the upcoming US summer school programmes? The deadlines are fast approaching, so we want to make sure you have all the information you need to be able to apply and be part of these exciting opportunities.

Yale Young Global Scholars Programme:

YYGS is a highly selective academic leadership programme for students from around the world who have one or two years of secondary school left. The programme is designed to bring together students with talent, drive, energy, and ideas to make meaningful impacts as young leaders, even before they begin university studies.

Students will attend a two-week session at Yale University or Yale Center Beijing, based on their topic of interest.

Deadline       February 6th 2018
Cost              $6,000 – financial support is available in some circumstances.

For more information visit:  https://globalscholars.yale.edu/

Sutton Trust US Programme:

The Sutton Trust US Programme is an 18-month programme for 150 talented Year 12 students from across the UK. It includes two residentials in London, to help participants explore US study, and a week doing the programme’s summer school, during which students visit a number of universities in the US. If students decide that they’d like to apply for US universities alongside their UCAS options, Sutton Trust supports pupils and their families and schools with the application process, including further UK residential programmes.

Deadline       14th January 2018
Cost               Free to attend

For more information visit: https://us.suttontrust.com/

Why apply?

Both programmes aim to show students from the UK that US universities are most definitely not out of reach. It can be a daunting idea applying to well-known names as Harvard and Yale, but there’s no reason why Seren students shouldn’t aim high.

A number of Seren students have benefited from the Sutton Trust programme and are now both studying full-time in the US, with bursaries of £250,000 each.

One of these is Raphaelle Soffe. She made this short video from Harvard:

What are you waiting for?