5 tips to make the most out of your summer school experience!

Summer schools can undoubtedly provide a HUGE boost to your personal skills development and  academic journey. Providing a backdrop for discussions on your CV, UCAS applications, as well as potential future interviews with employers, they prove your commitment to enriching yourself, learning new skills and broadening your horizons.

The Seren International Online Summer School is no exception. By taking part, you will be exploring subject-specific topics with highly qualified instructors while also being given the opportunity to network and build relationships with likeminded learners and academics!

Here, Guto Tegid, a third-year philosophy, politics and law student at Kings College London, and one of our social sciences and law experts at the International Online Summer School, shares some of his top tips on how to get the most out of your experience:

1. Be open-minded

Having an open mind will enable you to appreciate your studies through a multidimensional lens which will be absolutely crucial in your future academic journey and employment. Doing so encourages you to think critically and rationally, allowing you to be analytical and evaluative without preconceived notions, which will help you to make the most out of your experience, regardless of what subject you are on. Being open-minded is a key component of self-development.

2. Engage with the content and your fellow learners

Actively participating in your classes, whether through studying the pre-assigned reading or by asking questions during the workshops, is a crucial element of your learning experience. It will enable you to grasp the topic more successfully while also providing the groundwork for thought-provoking discussions with your peers during the class. Increasing your engagement will also boost your personal skills by paying greater attention and focus, it can motivate you to practice higher-level critical thinking skills. 

3. Lookout for networking opportunities 

Not only is networking about making friends and building relations, but it is also a crucial element of your long-term career development. By creating links with individuals from a range of industries, you will provide yourself with a platform for future connections when looking for references and employment opportunities. Furthermore, developing your ability to network and build relations boosts your professional confidence while, at the same time, contributing to your social well-being and eventually leading to a broader exchange of ideas. 

4. Take care of yourself

While more often than not being a positive and thoroughly enjoyable experience, there’s no denying that our studies can be quite intense at times, which can have an effect on our mental health. It is crucial that you take care of your mental health while participating in the summer school. Take generous breaks. Eat well. Go for long walks. Take care of yourself, anything that works for you as an individual is perfect. Remember that you have people all around you who are willing to support you to ensure you can make the most out of your summer school experience!

5. Don’t forget to have fun!

Above all else, the Seren International Online Summer School is an opportunity for you to delve into some of your favourite topics in detail while working with a group of likeminded learners and instructors. Through this opportunity, you will be given a platform to learn more about topics that may potentially be connected to your future studies as well as gain an important boost to your future applications and interviews!

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