Seren students set to attend Yale Young Global Scholars Programme and Harvard Summer School

Last month, we held an event for the students who were successful in securing a place to study abroad this summer at Yale Young Global Scholars Programme (YYGS) and Harvard Summer School.


We’re pleased to announce there was a total of 53 Seren students, 30 of which are attending YYGS and 23 attending Harvard Summer School, an amazing achievement showcasing Welsh talent on a global scale.

Out of the 30 students at YYGS, 29 of these will be at the United States and one in Beijing in China.

Both the YYGS and Harvard Summer School programmes give students an insight into their further education, the subjects they want to study and the difference of learning styles across the world.

These opportunities give students a taster of life at two of the world’s most prestigious academic institutions.

Students will be challenged both intellectually and socially, while also getting the chance to meet like-minded people from across the world and gaining an experience to drawn on in future university applications.

April Spiteri, a Seren student going to YYGS, said “I’m going to Yale to study applied science and engineering. I’m so excited, I can’t actually believe this is real and that I’ll be going to America.”

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates from the students in the coming months…

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