Interested in studying at Oxford? This is for you.

Are you interested in studying at Oxford University and universities like it? But are you worried that it may not be for you? Seren and Jesus College at Oxford University have partnered to create an exclusive opportunity designed to settle any concerns and help you decide whether Oxford is right for you.

What is it?

Seren and Jesus College, Oxford, have come together to design an all-expenses-paid experience exclusive to Year 12 Seren Students. The Seren/Jesus College Summer School, now in its third year, is a week-long residential programme jam-packed with academic activities designed to give prospective students an insight into what its really like to study and live at Oxford University. It really is as close as you can get to being an Oxford student and ‘try before you buy’!


Why should I attend?

If you’re hoping to study at Oxford University, or any prestigious university, this programme is perfect for you.

Jam-packed with lectures, seminars and Oxford’s world-famous tutorials, you’ll get the opportunity to see what it takes to excel academically at a leading university, as well as experiencing first-hand what it’s like to live and eat within Oxford’s hallowed halls. Students will also have the opportunity to explore the city of Oxford, it’s 38 colleges and more than 100 libraries.

This is the perfect experience for any Seren student who might have misconceptions about what it’s like to live and study at Oxford, or those concerned that Oxford might not be the place for them.

What’s on the agenda this year?

Each year there is a different theme, which gives students an insight into the topics of the lectures, seminars and tutorials. This year the theme is the Earth’s Future and you can expect to cover topics such as:

  • Climate change
  • Biodiversity
  • The future of global trade
  • World order in the age of Trump and Putin
  • Interplanetary Colonisation


Sounds great! How do I apply?

The good news is the programme has expanded to fit even more Seren students in, and there are now 75 spaces available. However, this is always a really popular opportunity, so we recommend allowing as much time as possible to make your application the best it can be.

Applications will open in mid-April and close at the end of May, so keep your eyes peeled for more announcements and information on how to apply.


What have other students said?

“I would recommend the Seren/Jesus College Summer School to all students as it is a brilliant experience.

“One of my favourite lectures was about language in law. It’s very different to my usual study and allowed me to open my mind to things I have not thought about, developing my lateral thinking skills.”

Joe Phelps

“The summer school has been one of my favourite weeks over the summer.

“Not only did I value the academic experience, but I also valued the fact that I had the opportunity to meet some excellent people and create long lasting friendships.”

Elin Roberts

“After all of this, I find it hard to not be inspired to apply to Oxbridge.

“The environment is a lot of fun and the lecturers are all top of their field experts. The students are all friendly and the tutorials are fantastic.”

Thomas Tiltman

Want to know more? Watch the video from last year here

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