My experience with Seren so far

Iwan, a year 13 student from the Swansea hub, tells us about his experience with Seren so far:

“As a pupil who knew little about progressing into higher education, Seren taught me a great deal about what studying at university entailed. Looking back, Seren gave me the confidence to apply to the top universities in the country and inspired me to take advantage of every opportunity. I can ensure you they will open new doors to help you grow into a mature individual and allow you to reach your academic potential.

“The highlight of the programme for me was attending HE+ physics lectures at Gower College as they increased my intellectual capability and helped me to discover which subject I truly wanted to pursue further at university. The lectures were very engaging, compelling and informative.  The topics were discussed in great detail and depth and we were presented along with real-world problems to solve. Despite the challenging nature of these tasks, they encouraged us to think dynamically and laterally, giving us a taster of the teaching approach used in higher education.

“One of my most memorable lectures was based on the Bloodhound project, where postgraduate students from Swansea University presented the mechanical and engineering designs of the vehicle and ran through several digital simulations. It was an eye-opening experience as it emphasised how we will be the next generation that will need to adapt to the demands of society.


The Bloodhound project

“Neither of my parents attended university and as a result of this, my understanding of the UCAS application process was minimal. Seren provided me with all of the information I needed regarding writing a personal statement, preparing for university life as well as applying for the most prestigious higher education institutions in the country. I also had the opportunity to attend the Seren Above and Beyond annual conference in Newtown, which was an invaluable experience as the talks ranged from adapting to university life, choosing a course that is best suited to your interests and searching for jobs at the end of your degree.

PO_150317_SEREN Conference_06.jpg

Seren Conference, 2017

“My advice to you is to embrace the experiences Seren offers with curiosity and a willingness to learn. Make the most of the opportunities to ask experts and academics questions. It is only then that you can let go of your doubts and make a truly informed and balanced decision about your future.”

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