Studying abroad: why might you look at studying outside the UK for your degree?

By Rowena Boddington

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The Seren Above and Beyond Conference is a perfect way to learn about options outside the UK and especially about American universities

The Above and Beyond Conference is a great place to explore university options, but you might not have thought about studying outside of the UK entirely!

When I was 17, I had no idea that it was possible to study my degree abroad. I was lucky to discover a way to go, and having never been to the USA before I jumped on a plane on my own and headed off to a university in California. It was the most amazing period of my life and totally transformed me.

These days, I work at an organisation called Fulbright, which is the EducationUSA centre for the UK. We give free advice to students about how US universities work and how to apply to them.

Every year, students from Wales decide to make the big jump across the pond to study in the USA.

They do this for several reasons:

  • Subject flexibility and broad curriculum: in the USA, you don’t have to know what you want to study when you apply to universities, and all students will study a range of subjects before specialising in one or two (called majoring)
  • Study at a top university: Many of the world’s top universities are in the USA, and they produce world leading research and incredible teaching
  • Opportunities to internationalise your CV: in today’s connected world, employers are looking to fill their top jobs with people who have experienced different things and are comfortable and confident in working with a wide range of different people. Studies show that people who study abroad have higher average career earnings.
  • Experience the fun of campus life: US universities are places where you will work hard and play hard. Learning is encouraged inside and outside the classroom, and many classes have a practical element to them. Campus life is vibrant and full of opportunities, and school spirit is strong!
  • Generous funding is available: There are scholarships and financial aid available for Welsh students, and if you’re open minded you will find it can cost a lot less than you think – and even, in some cases, less than the UK!
  • Have an adventure and explore the world: The US is a big place with a lot of different people, and learning about and understanding them is a fascinating process. While you will have opportunities to travel and try new things, you will also boost your self-confidence and gain independence!

If you’d like to explore your dreams of studying outside the UK, the Seren conference is a great place to come and learn about the opportunities available. Attending the conference will enable you to:

  • Hear from representatives from top US universities
  • Hear from Welsh students who have, or are, studying in the USA
  • Discover opportunities such as the Seren partnership for summer programmes at top universities and also the Sutton Trust US Programme, which supports high achieving students from low income families apply to US universities.
  • Learn about study abroad opportunities as part of a UK degree, and postgraduate study in the US
  • Connect with Fulbright, who work to help students from Wales apply to US universities and learn more about the application process

We are now fully booked for Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th December. There are still places available for Thursday 6th December and the good news is that the booking deadline has been extended to 21st November for this final date.


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