How the ‘Above and Beyond’ conference helped me to help my students

Llŷr Evans
Key Stage 5 Leader
Ysgol Gyfun Garth Olwg

Mr Ll?r

“We all know what a difficult position being Leader of 6th Form is. We deal with a huge gamut of abilities and preferred destinations. These range, of course from job opportunities and apprenticeships to the most demanding of entry requirements into the most prestigious   universities in the world.

“Giving time to the most able has never been a huge priority as they are far too often referred to as the ones that ‘can’ and therefore ‘will’. We would always as a matter of course strive to assist these students but with all the requirements of running a 6th Form, these individuals receive much less time as we would like to allocate them.

“The ‘Hwb Seren’ project has completely transformed our day to work with these exceptional young people and this starts with the initial conference in Cefn Lea.

“The opportunities to understand and visualise these ‘destinations’ were superbly orchestrated. It afforded me a rare opportunity to engage with professionals in universities and understand a little more about assisting my learners in gaining access to these institutions. The lectures were invaluable for me and the students. I obtained insight into Oxbridge Applications and further understood the often complex entry requirements. I was able to utilise this information directly with several of our students.

“I was fortunate enough to also ‘drop in’ on many of the lectures available to the students. This allowed me to develop a series of ‘follow on’ workshops at school. We set up on-site interviews with input from Hwb Seren for the first time. We could tailor these to include the demanding questions which are asked by highly selective institutions.

“We rarely have students who to apply to ‘Oxbridge’ but this year we had two. One was a very close call but was still nonetheless offered a place at Durham University (which is in itself highly selective) and the other gained a place at Wadham College, Oxford. He is a featured in the Hwb Seren Pamphlet by the way!

“Without the assistance of the Hwb Seren conference, I am not even sure these two pupils would have contemplated even applying to ‘Oxbridge’ or any other highly selective institution. They are the first to admit that ‘Oxbridge’ was not even on their personal radar!

“The conference is an opportunity which is too good to miss. It empowers us to properly assist the talented young people with whom we work with every day.

“When I see our students gaining access to some of the most prestigious universities, I know that I have the best job in the world!”

Bookings have been flying in. If you haven’t booked yet, don’t leave it until the last minute as places are limited.

Closing date: 16 November


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