Hear from Seren students about their thoughts on starting university!

Starting university can feel overwhelming and be a scary experience. but hearing how others are preparing can help you feel at ease and excited for the journey.

We’ve asked some of our Seren students who are starting university this year to share with us their thoughts on becoming first year undergraduates.

Amy Martin is going to the University of Warwick to study Engineering.

Charlotte Belton is studying Mathematics at Durham University.

Joe Lagorio Price is going to Selwyn College to study Medicine.

Why did you choose to study your subject?

Amy – I’ve always loved engineering, ever since I competed in the F1 in Schools competition. I am currently involved with Williams F1 as a member of their academy, so engineering felt like a natural route to progress into.

Charlotte – I chose to study maths because I’ve always loved the subject. The understanding it allows me to gain of everything is what draws me to it. I love the abstract concepts and the way it explains basic things we normally take for granted.

Joe – I’ve wanted to do medicine since I was a young boy so it was a natural progression to follow this route at university.

Why did you choose this university?

Amy – I choose Warwick because of the friendly atmosphere. I felt really happy when I went to their open day, even though it was torrential rain!

Charlotte – I chose Durham for its reputation for quality education as well as its rich history.

Joe – I chose Cambridge because I really liked it as a university, and it has a good reputation.

How are you feeling in the lead up to starting university?

Amy – I’m really excited to gain some independence when I move away from home, I’m excited to meet new people and learn new skills!

Charlotte – Whilst I am feeling nervous for university, I’m excited. It is such a big change but one I look forward to.

Joe – I am feeling excited in the lead up to university and I can’t wait to start first year with freshers’ week and meet new people.

Do you have anything planned for the first few weeks at university?

Amy – I’m hoping to join some sports teams within my first few weeks. I’m looking at joining the swim team and cheerleading!

Charlotte – I don’t really have anything planned yet but I do know that my university is organising some events, I just have to wait a couple weeks to find out.

Joe – I plan to join a few societies and am looking forward to having a good time in freshers’ week.

How are you finding packing and saying goodbye to your friends and family at home?

Amy – It’s really scary packing up all your things and actually coming to terms with not being physically close to your family anymore, but I’m really excited to see what I can get up to in the next four years.

Charlotte – I’m finding packing fine, but I know saying goodbye will be sad while also happy. My friends and family know I’m doing something I enjoy and they’re happy for me, but it will be odd moving away.

Joe – It’s hard to leave my family and home, but it won’t be long until I see them in December so I’m not too worried about saying goodbye.

What are your expectations for your first year?

Amy – I’m hoping my first year will bring about lifelong friendships and memories (especially freshers’ week). I’m also looking forward to finally studying the area I’m interested in; I can focus all of my time on engineering now.

Charlotte – I’m trying to not have many expectations for university life so I can just relax and enjoy whatever happens.

Joe – I think first year is going to be tough, but I’ll try my best to succeed.

How has Seren helped you prepare for university?

Amy – Seren has given me an incredible boost in my confidence; the Oxford Jesus College Summer School has especially eased my thoughts on going to university. I made so many friends and had such a good time in that one week, how could I not enjoy uni life!

Charlotte – My Seren hub coordinator has done so much for me. She even helped me pick my university, especially when I was struggling to pick my firm and insurance choices.

Joe – Seren has helped me prepare for university through the tips and advice from various talks I have been to put on by Seren.

To all our Seren students starting university this year: make sure you get involved and make the most out of all the opportunities and support available for you.

Good luck!

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