Our Seren conference app is now live!

Exciting news! This year, we have launched an app for our Above and Beyond conference. You can download it in the Apple or Android store by searching: ‘Seren Events’ or ‘Digwyddiadau Seren Events’

Seren app pic

Now that you have downloaded the Seren Conference 2018 event guide here are a few hints and tips about how to make the most of your experience:

To ensure all text is displayed in Welsh please select Welsh as your chosen language in the settings on your device.

Some of the menu items are bilingual – My Timetable, Floorplan, General Info, Inbox, Twitter, Facebook and Feedback

However for the more detailed timetable, session descriptions, speaker biographies and exhibitor profiles – you will need to click on either the English or Cymraeg menu item to access this content in your preferred language.


You will notice that there are 6 different timetables displayed under each language – one for students and one for professionals (teachers and staff) on each of the 3 days of the conference.  Firstly it is really important that you are looking at the right one before you start to set up you own personalised timetable through the ‘My Timetable’ function.

My Timetable:

The My Timetable feature enables you to customise your own schedule by adding sessions from the main timetables located in the English or Cymraeg folders to the My Timetable module.  Just make sure you are looking at the timetable for the day you are attending the conference (4th, 5th or 6th) and that you are looking at the correct strand – Student / Professional.    You can even set up alerts so that you know where you are due to go next.


At the end of the last session of the day you will be given 5 minutes to reflect on your experience and to let us know what you thought of the event.  Please take the time to click on the feedback menu item on the app and complete the short online survey.  This will help us improve and build on the success of the Seren conferences in the future.

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