Why go above and beyond at this year’s Seren conference?

I’m Matt Williams from Oxford University, and this December will be my third time coming to the amazing Seren conference in Newtown. I can’t wait to meet you all!

But what will you get out of it? And why should you go ‘above and beyond’? Aren’t you doing enough already?!

Well, most likely, yes, you are very busy at school and with activities outside the classroom. So when we suggest you go ‘above and beyond’ we don’t mean you have to do loads more work. Instead it means that you should be more focused on what you’d like to achieve after school, and push yourself to do your best.

Thinking about university, apprenticeships or jobs after school can be pretty scary. The processes for applying are competitive, and that can be demoralising for some of us (and I do include myself) who are not particularly confident in their abilities.

But I want to share something I realised a few years ago. I could push myself to be competitive and fight off other applicants — or I could just push myself further because I enjoyed doing so and do it all for myself. Constantly fretting about what everyone else is doing is so draining. But doing something you love for your own pleasure is wonderfully energising.

So go above and beyond for you. Be the best *you* you’re capable of being.

And this is where the conference can really help. There’s going to be fantastic academic sessions run by the Brilliant Club that will take you way beyond your school work. Go along to these sessions and drink in the content for your own pleasure. Try and have some fun learning something new about the universe.

There’ll also be stalls with loads of universities represented — including a really friendly bunch of us from Oxford! Come and talk to as many people as possible. We want to talk to you. We won’t ever make you feel small or silly. There are no bad questions you could ask us. Sometimes the practicalities of applying to uni can be complex and daunting. So that’s why we’ll be there, to help you through it.

There’s also going to be drop in sessions to talk you through money matters, such as uni debt. We know that’s a common cause of anxiety amongst school leavers, but we’ll have loads of top tips and friendly advice to put your mind at rest.

So by the end of the Seren conference you’ll have gone ‘above and beyond’ because you’ll have learnt something new about the universe, and you’ll be more confident in how you can explore the subjects you love even further. And we will be more the happy to help you be the best *you* you’re capable of being!

Numerous bookings have already been received. Reserve your place soon to avoid disappointment!

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