Welsh Government announces £3 million of funding for Wales’ brightest pupils

Darllenwch yn y Gymraeg

You may have seen in the news this week an announcement about additional funds from the Welsh Government to support the brightest and most talented students in Wales.

Here’s what it means…

Funding worth £3million will benefit More Able and Talented (MAT) learners in Wales, and will enable the extension of the Seren Network to benefit younger pupils.

Over the next two years, the Welsh Government aims to:

  • Better identify and support schools at regional and national levels
  • Increase opportunities to inspire the highest levels of achievement
  • Develop evidence to support further investment

What will this mean for the Seren Network?

This new plan will also include the extension of the Seren Network so that it reaches younger pupils. From September, Seren will also target talented students before their GCSEs, connecting pupils from different schools and communities and building on our existing links with leading global universities.


Cabinet Secretary for Education, Kirsty Williams said:

“Further encouraging a culture that supports high aspirations for all learners, teachers and schools is crucial to the delivery of our national mission for education.

“It is clear from PISA, previous Estyn reports, Sutton Trust and UCL research that Wales must do more to identify, support and stretch our more able learners.

“The investment I’m announcing means that we will be able to reach these learners at a much earlier stage, ensuring they have the support and opportunities to reach their full potential.

“The Seren Network already makes a hugely positive contribution to raising aspirations, boosting confidence and encouraging post-16 students to be ambitious.

Expanding the programme will help us to build that confidence in our younger leaners and show them that there are opportunities they may not yet be aware of.

“We have to look at this as a long-term investment; this is about how we create the next generation of entrepreneurs, teachers, scientists and public servants that will drive Wales’s future prosperity and success.

“Getting it right for these learners, and those with the potential to be these learners, therefore means getting it right for everyone.”

Stay tuned on the blog for further information about how this announcement will impact Seren.

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