Open days: top tips from Seren student, Miles Hermann

Miles Hermann

This week, Miles Hermann from the Ceredigion hub, shares his experiences of open days.

In the process of looking to study at university, it’s essential that applicants visit a range of universities, to get a feel for the course and its surroundings.

After some research, I decided to look into studying geography or law, two current subjects especially with politics, environment and places changing rapidly.

Firstly, I received advice from the Seren Network to look at Russell group universities which would benefit me in terms of career prospects. I then created a list of Russell group universities with reference to statistics that showed that the course was successful.

I narrowed it down to three universities ;Cardiff University, University of Liverpool and the University of Bristol. Over the course of year 12 and the beginning of year 13, I planned trips to the universities.

At Cardiff, I looked around the university campus and grounds before sitting in lectures about the course. I enjoyed listening about the different possible modules in the human geography course. Although, I felt that law wasn’t for me, while I found the geography course more current and interesting and the modules appealed to me. I then took time to explore the city and get a feel for the place, which is essential as this may be your home for at least 3 years.

At Bristol, I arrived and instantly was taken by the archaic architecture. However, the courses didn’t appeal to me for law and geography as the modules were mainly physical and not human-based so it is important to look at modules online before sitting in on a lecture in the course.

At Liverpool, I looked at just geography as, at this time, I was sure that this was the course for me. I enjoyed the modules and the fact you could study both physical and human. I also sat in on lectures about finance and went around to see possible accommodation. In hindsight, I should have looked at accommodation at all university open days.

Here are my top tips for anyone attending an open day in the near future:

  • If possible look at more than three universities, so that you have an idea of which one offers the best course for you.
  • Pre-plan the day, make a list of possible courses you want to see, more than one if possible.
  • Whilst at the course introduction make a list of modules you may be studying.
  • If possible, spend time asking university staff about the course or your own personal career options.
  • Look at the universities facilities, what does the whole university have to offer?
  • Look at university accommodation and its proximity to the city/town centre or amenities.
  • Visit the town/city as this will be the place you may be living in for three or more years so you’ll need to like where you’ll be staying.

Good luck!


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