Everything you need to know about admissions tests – and how the Seren conference can help

Darllenwch yn y Gymraeg

David Harrison is from Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing

Thinking about going to university is a big step into the future.  You’ll be encouraged to think of the possibilities: so many universities, so many courses – and the opportunities: going to new places, even new countries, working with different people, experiencing different things.

And then people start talking about meeting requirements, being interviewed, even sitting admissions tests.  I am frequently asked why universities have admissions tests and it always leaves me momentarily feeling like the bad guy. I’m telling you there’s this ‘barrier’ stopping you from taking that big step and enjoying those possibilities and options.

Then I take a breath and tell myself, I’m a good guy. Then I’ll tell a potential student about how taking an admissions test is actually a good thing for them. They honestly are a way for the university to see if you have the aptitude and ability to do well on their course. Emphasis on the ‘you’. These tests don’t depend on how good your school is or how good your teachers have been. They are all about your ability to think and apply your knowledge and understanding.

And then I’ll tell you something you won’t believe at first. But once you understand it is true then you’ll smile. The truth is that these admissions tests are an opportunity for you to show the university just how good, how amazing you are. Show them your true potential and let them know that you to be a student at their university.

If you don’t believe me, then come along to my sessions at the Seren 2017 conference. I’ll explain just how admissions tests work, what they are testing and the best ways you can be prepared for them. With teachers, I’ll talk through the different admissions tests used by universities and discuss effective ways to ensure students are fully prepared them. Throughout the day, I’ll be happy to answer questions in-between sessions.

As a first step towards that, take a look at the Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing website and make use of the wide range of free preparation materials, guidance, past papers and other resources available. Everything there has been produced with the aim of making our admissions tests accessible to everybody and to enable you to show your true potential.


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