What to expect from the ‘Above and Beyond’ academic masterclasses


Take a quick look at the academic masterclasses taking place on Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th December, at ‘Seren 2017: Above and Beyond‘.

Engineering, Maths, Physics & Computing
In this session, questions around the implications of research into physical sciences will be examined. This session will be suitable for any student with an interest in any physical or mathematical sciences.

Who’s taking it?
Robert Worth, University of Manchester:  
Robert is a nuclear engineer, who takes a scientific approach to looking at the UK’s nuclear energy supply and investigates questions on how nuclear energy works and how safe it is to use.

Broadly focusing on historical research, these sessions will focus on a variety of skills and themes used in all areas of humanities research and university-style learning.

Who’s taking it?
Wednesday: Claire Harrill, University of Birmingham
Claire focuses on the way in which women represent themselves in literary and historical texts, with a particular interest in the role of queens, and how texts construct the idea of a ‘perfect’ queen.

Thursday: Marci Freedman, University of Manchester
Marci’s research looks at Medieval travellers – such as Benjamin of Tudela – and how they were received by their contemporaries.

Language and Culture
Suitable for any student interested in literature or culture, this masterclass will focus on research from Cardiff University that looks at the intersection of literature, language and culture.

Who’s taking it?
Wednesday: Prof Claire Gorrara, Cardiff University
Claire researches narratives and memories of the Second World War in France, post-war French crime fiction and French photography and visual cultures.

Thursday: TBC

Medical sciences
This taster lecture will look at medical research and will be suitable for any students with interests in medical sciences and how research is being used to address medical conditions.

Who’s taking it?
Tom Graeme-Drury, Birmingham City University
Tom’s specific research focuses on neuroscience and psychology. He is currently working on a brain imaging investigation of chronic pain mechanisms.

Social Sciences
Through the lens of their specific research, both speakers will deliver masterclasses that will give students an insight into how social sciences are developing our understanding of social phenomena.

Who’s taking it?
Wednesday: Julius Ohrnberger, University of Manchester
Julius’ research aims to understand the causal relationship of financial cash incentives with mental health in low and middle income countries.

Thursday: Bridget Kerr, Swansea University
Bridget’s multidisciplinary research in the field of criminology and draws on psychology and sociology to look specifically at what crime is and what can be done about it.

Natural Sciences
TBC. We will update you soon!

The event details
Start time: registration – 9.15am for a 10am start
End time: 4.15pm

Refreshments and lunch will be provided throughout the day for students and teachers.

The closing date for bookings is Friday 17th November.
Teachers can book on students here. A programme is available here, and a session overview here.


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