Five reasons students should attend ‘Seren 2017: Above and Beyond’

PO_150317_SEREN Conference_06

  1. Meet more than 1000 other bright sparks who are just like you
    When you first go to university you’ll find yourself in completely new surroundings, with new friends and social groups. Pushing yourself outside your comfort zone will be key to thriving in new environments, and Above and Beyond will offer you a chance to meet over 1000 other high-achieving pupils. Seize the opportunity, share your experiences and aspirations, and make new friends for the future!
  2. Take your academic knowledge beyond the curriculum
    The most selective universities want to see how students have gone beyond the confines of the A-level curriculum to demonstrate passion for an area of study. Seren 2017: Above and Beyond is a chance for you to develop your understanding of a subject’s place within an academic discipline. What’s more, you’ll gain these new insights from some of the leading lights of UK academia – meaning you’ll be learning from the best. Come ready to take notes and ask questions from academics researching subjects you may have never heard of!
  3. Understand more about the importance of YOU as a brand
    Standing out in a university application is about more than just your academic talent. Above and Beyond will offer you a chance to take part in dedicated professionalism sessions on how to build your own personal brand, stand out from the crowd, and how to improve your employment prospects before and during university.
  4. Directly access the best universities in the UK and overseas
    A dedicated marketplace will see more than 40 leading universities on hand to share information and advice. This is a unique opportunity to hear from institutions you may not previously have considered, and to ask any questions you might have about all aspects of university life across the UK and overseas.
  5. Hear about what finance options are available
    Understandably, student finance is one of the most talked about topics for the students of today. A dedicated session on this issue will unpack it in more detail. You’ll learn all about the grants and loans on offer for students, and Welsh Government and university finance officers will explain the support and advise on how best to manage your finances.

The Seren Network annual conference in Newtown is aimed at both students and teachers. You can sign-up here, and a full session overview is available here.

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