5 ways to get the most out of university

Darllenwch yn y Gymraeg

On today’s blog, Manchester University student Meirin gives us his tips on how to make the most of your time at uni.

Whitworth Hall, University of Manchester

I’ve just finished my third year studying Physics and already can’t wait to start the next. You may think all degrees last three years, but I’m doing a four year integrated masters course, gives me a nice excuse to stick around longer. Everyone deserves an amazing time at uni, so here are my five tips to help you do so.

  1. Enjoy your modules

Though first year may not count for many courses (you still have to pass), you’ve come to uni to study! Take your time to get used to new learning styles. The more you enjoy your modules at the start, the more you’ll enjoy the rest of your degree and the easier it’ll be.

  1. Join multiple societies

Join societies for interests you already have, you don’t need to try be a different person at uni. Join your course society to get to know your coursemates, and be sure to try something new, maybe something you’ve never heard of!

Having too many friends can’t be a bad thing, and you won’t get bored! Freshers Week and the first few weeks are intended to ease you into uni life, make the most of this time to attend society welcome events.


  1. Join the Welsh society

You immediately have common ground with everyone in this society. If there isn’t one, make one! Welsh societies outside Wales generally aren’t only for Welsh speakers, they also cater for anyone from Wales or even those that aren’t but still have an interest in Wales. If nothing else, a Welsh society will give you a good crowd with whom to watch Welsh sport!

  1. Get to know the people running your society

They might seem a bit intimidating to start with, but these people were in your shoes not too long ago. Getting to know them vastly improves the fun you have with societies as they’ll want to get you more involved.

You also gain an insight into their role and how the society runs. They could then give advice on becoming a “committee member” (the people who run the society) the following year. This is extremely worthwhile and looks great on a CV.

  1. Don’t rush to “get a house”

Many people around you might be talking about getting a house for second year, worried that good houses might be going fast. This isn’t true in most uni cities as there are so many student houses available! Take your time to figure out who you might enjoy living with the most, you don’t need to say yes straight away to the first person that asks. Consider flatmates, coursemates, friends from societies or sports teams, or anyone else you might have met.

Most importantly, have a great time, that’s what uni is for.


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