Five reasons you should apply to the Jesus College summer school for Seren students today

Darllenwch yn y Gymraeg

As you may have previously seen on the blog and across the Seren social media channels, we’ve teamed up with Jesus College Oxford to offer a free four day summer school exclusively for Seren students this August. There are 22 places on offer, which means that two students from each of the 11 hubs will be chosen to attend.

You only have until June 2nd to apply, so if you haven’t made your mind up yet, here are five reasons why you should apply right now:

  1. A taste of life at Oxford University

If you’re considering applying to Oxford, or want to see what it would be like to live and study there, this summer school offers a unique opportunity to experience life at the university. If selected, you’ll be staying in the beautiful surroundings of an Oxford college founded in 1571 and situated at the heart of the city.

Jesus College by John Cairns

Jesus College by John Cairns

  1. Experience a new way of learning

You’ll have the chance to attend mini-lectures, skills-focused seminars and tutorials with Oxford academics, and experience the type of critical thinking needed when you go to university. The theme of the summer school is ‘Our Future: Humanity in a Hundred Years’, with sessions led by world experts on artificial intelligence, climate change, demography, trade, politics, literature and more.

  1. Meet new people

Although this summer school is exclusively for Seren students and there will only be 22 of you, chances are you will never have met the other participants, and you’ll be able to have discussions and get to know other students from across Wales with similar aspirations to you.

Jesus College by John Cairns

Jesus College by John Cairns

  1. Boost your university application

Applying to a top university can be very competitive, which is why writing a strong personal statement is important. Gaining a place at an exclusive summer school at one of the world’s best universities will look great on your application, and also demonstrates that you can apply yourself to a lot of different subjects and disciplines.

  1. Dispel any misconceptions you might have

You might not have considered Oxford as an option, or find the prospect of attending Oxford or Cambridge slightly intimidating, and the summer school is a chance for you to see for yourself that this really isn’t the case. The university welcomes applications from all students, and are looking for the best and brightest – which applies to you, as you’re already on the Seren Network!

Applications for the Jesus College summer school close on June 2nd. To apply, go to

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