Seren Conference 2017: Bring your brilliance to light with The Open University

Darllenwch yn y Gymraeg

Next week, The Open University in Wales will be taking part in the Seren Conference in Newtown.

They will be there to tell students and teachers about their exciting new programme available to Seren students across Wales. Read on to find out how they could help you.


Did you know?

The Open University is the UK’s largest university with over 180,000 students currently studying, we offer world–leading distance learning that comes to you.

So if you study an OU module alongside your A-levels, you’ll study online, in your own time, whenever it suits you (but you will have deadlines!)

How can OU help boost your university applications?

Studying an Open University module alongside AS and A2 courses can really benefit your ability to:

  • Achieve greater exam success
  • Evidence your strengths and aptitude on UCAS applications
  • Stand out when competing for a place on a competitive university course
  • Make more informed decisions about learning and career choices

Visit The Open University stand

On our interactive stand, OU advisers and subject specialists will show you:

  • all the modules that we offer for Seren students (across arts, business, science, maths, health, engineering & technology)
  • how to apply
  • and how the Welsh Government bursary works so that you may be able to study for free.

We’ll also have some fun digital and “old style” demonstrations about these courses and how OU study works.

We’ll also be able to talk to your teachers and Seren hub co-ordinators to offer follow on workshops in your local hub area.

The teachers’ information session

Our session ‘Enhancing UCAS outcomes through funded Open University study during year 12’ will run on both days. 

For Seren Hub Coordinators and teachers, this session will describe, explain and illustrate how funded Open University study works and how it can help Seren students evidence their strengths and aptitude on UCAS applications. The session will cover the funding and application process, the range of curriculum on offer and how this genuine HE experience can develop the range of skills and experience needed to make a successful transition to university.

The Seren Network annual conference in Newtown is aimed at both students and teachers, offering the opportunity to network with other Seren students and staff, with a variety of subject workshops and panels, and the chance to engage with representatives from the UK’s leading universities. 

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