7 reasons why you should attend the Seren Conference 2017

Darllenwch yn y Gymraeg


On March 15 & 16, Welsh Government and The Brilliant Club are hosting the ‘Seren Network 2017: Beyond the curriculum’ conference offering expert advice and guidance to support you; Wales’ brightest sixth-formers.

We want to help you achieve your academic potential so that you can gain access to the UK’s top universities, so here are 7 reasons why the Seren Conference should be in your diary this March:

1. Join more than 2000 other bright sparks from across Wales to share experiences and plans
When you go to university you’ll instantly find yourself in rooms full of eager strangers with whom you’ll be studying and socialising. The conference will be good practice for this, enabling you to share experiences with other outstanding students hoping to study at the UK’s top universities.
2. Broaden your knowledge with masterclasses from top academics
Impress your uni of choice by showing how you’ve gone way beyond the A level and Welsh Bacc curriculums; taking part in bespoke sessions from medical science to language, literature and culture. These are delivered by universities and academics and will give you an insight into potential future degree subjects
3. Learn how to tackle that admissions test
If you’re thinking about applying to Oxbridge or other top university, you should be prepared to take a written assessment; either pre-interview or at interview. At the conference, you’ll hear first-hand from Cambridge Uni how to best prepare for this part of your application.
4. Develop effective study skills
Learning at university is a lot different to school and college. Our experts will be able to advise how to get the most out of your lectures and seminars; including everything from effective note-taking to how to revise.
5. Network with the best universities in the country
At the event, universities will be on-hand to speak to you about your options; a unique opportunity to have all of your future university prospects in one room at the same time!
6. Get top tips on how to adjust to university life
You’ll get the chance to chat to representatives from the UK’s top universities on campus life and how to wash your clothes when you’re away from mum and dad!
7. Hear about what finance options are available to you
Student finance doesn’t have to be scary. There are lots of grants and loans on offer and Student Finance Wales can help work out what’s best for you.

The Seren Network annual conference in Newtown is aimed at both students and teachers, offering the opportunity to network with other Seren students and staff, with a variety of subject workshops and panels, and the chance to engage with representatives from the UK’s leading universities. For more information and to sign-up to attend, click here.


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