UPDATED DEADLINE 4.59am 7th Feb: New opportunity for Seren students through new Yale University partnership

Yale pic
Seren students: do you fancy sampling life at a US university this summer, at no cost?

What is the Yale Young Global Scholars Programme?

The Yale Scholars Programme is a highly selective academic leadership programme taking place this summer (2018). The programme offers students the opportunity to take part in a two-week summer school at either the Yale University campus in the US or the Yale campus in Beijing, depending on the course they choose to apply for. The programme offers seven intensive, interdisciplinary courses:

  • Applied Science & Engineering – June 17 – June 30 (US)
  • International Affairs & Security – June 17 – June 30 (US)
  • Frontiers of Science & Technology – July 8 – July 21 (US)
  • Sustainable Development & Social Entrepreneurship – July 8 – July 21 (US)
  • Politics, Law & Economics – July 27 – August 9 (US)
  • Biological & Biomedical Science – July 27 – August 9 (US)
  • Asia in the 21st Century – July 26 – August 8 (China)

When’s the deadline?

The deadline to apply for the programme is 4:59am GMT on Wednesday 7th February. DON’T MISS OUT. Apply here today: https://globalscholars.yale.edu/apply-now

Sounds great, but isn’t it really expensive? 

No, this year it’s completely free for 11 Seren students. The programme normally costs $6,000 USD per student, plus travel costs. However, this year Yale is partnering with the Seren Network to offer 11 Seren students the opportunity to apply. One student from each of the Seren hubs will be selected for the programme, based on a competitive application process. Additional travel expenses may also be supported by sponsorship from regional welsh businesses; this will be confirmed in due course.

Why should you apply? 

This is a rare and exciting opportunity for Welsh students and it’s the first ever government partnership that Yale University has established. The Yale Young Global Scholars programme is a unique opportunity to get a taste of what it’s like to study at one of the most prestigious universities in the world. 48% of students admitted to Yale in 2017 were international students so, as Wales’ brightest sparks, there’s nothing stopping you joining this figure!

What are they looking for in the application?

Yale is looking to accept students onto the programme who prove academic capacity and intellectual curiosity. Make sure to include any independent pieces of work or research you have conducted as this demonstrates an ability to work independently and beyond what is required of you as A-level students.

One thought on “UPDATED DEADLINE 4.59am 7th Feb: New opportunity for Seren students through new Yale University partnership

  1. Two weeks is a short time to experience a course of study at Yale. I like to have the opportunity to extend my stay for a longer period of time in order to make it worth my travel


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